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Ian Omictin

Hello everyone! You might be wondering why this page has photos that are out of context. Guitar, amps and far-out artists are here instead of photos of me and the photographs that I took. Well so as my writing, I am just writing here right now just to temporarily occupy this page with content.

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I was making a website called living ph and I used this domain to temporarily create it before I transferred it the its final domain Google was able to scan through it and it already started showing up on search engines

So the website is finally transferred to its official domain, I deleted everything here and installed a ready made template. And so google will still be able to understand the content here, I decided to write something here related to what I was acually doing so this domain’s ranking on google will not be ruined. 

Ian Omictin

I will just change the photos later and also these texts

Let me just say something that’s about me. I started photography in 2012 and it become my profession immediately in that year. in 2013, I was photographing materials for the city; in 2014 started commissioning universities, and in 2016 I started to become Miss Dumaguete official photographer until this year. Had covid not came into our world last year. I still would have photographed beautiful ladies yet. 

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Extremely styled photographs are a bit cheesy for me. Though I do introduce some artistic colors to my photographs sometimes to influence mood, I do it in subtleties.
Christian Omictin
Joan Enrique
Mike Edison
Tom Riddle

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So here it goes, this is the last part of the page, as I’ve said, I just wrote all these texts to have content.