It was 2019 when Food Panda was introduced here in our place, Dumaguete City. Those days, because I was always at my office (Yes I still renting an office space at that time, til mid 2020 Covid time), I used food panda to order food almost every day. It was very convenient. It had flaws, but still, a very nice thing to have in our place — giving people the option to just stay where they are, do what they have been doing, and just get out the door for a bit to pickup the food Food Panda driver is delivering. And then few months later, grab, Panda’s competitor, was also introduced. It’s still a good thing that it gave people more options. And then Covid also came. This time, it’s no longer a food ordering and delivery company. It’s a disease. It’s not a very dangerous disease because it only kills about 2% of the people that it gets into and just a little more than 2% that gets hospitalized but it spreads so easily so it’s still very dangerous because being infected with it and not following proper measures will cause you to spread to a lot of people in which of those people will die because they are older and maybe they have a weakers immune system. And those that die or get severe could be your loved ones.
So it has been 1.5 years now since we had lockdowns and several kinds of quarantine statuses, changing from month to month. Almost all thos times, we almost had no option when wanting to buy food from a restaurant but to order through food delivery apps like food panda and grab — and just recently, Get Food app, a food app that’s partnered with PHCCI(a credit cooperative here) was also introduced. When you drive around town, almost in every moment, atleast 1 food delivery guy will be at your line of site.

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